Case Study

The app conference suite is a collection of apps aimed to guide users around a live event. The main objective was to build an app that detailed which events were taking place and show where and what time they would be. Our requirements were:

  • The ability to search for events and find out what was happening throughout each day.
  • To be able to find general information about the location and transport options.
  • To find out more information about the Speakers and Exhibitors at each event.
  • To display information about the event sponsors and some advertising for paid sponsors.
  • Users to be able to add their favorite events and bookmark them for quick access.
  • Users to be able to take notes about events and email them.
Conference App

We recognised that a potential issue could be, when dealing with a live conference everyone is connecting via the same Wi-Fi, or they are relying heavily on mobile signals (3G and 4G). However, we implemented a caching system as to store data onto the devices locally, so that users could instantly see what was occurring without having to connect to the internet.

Jon Goodey

Jon Goodey

Project Lead Developer

This was an interesting and fun project, where we enjoyed working with the client. We are currently in the progress of building a mobile voting system to accompany the application, so there can be live voting at the events.