FameChain is a family facts website that is built using complex relationships including some of history’s most noteworthy and influential characters. It is easy to use, enjoyable and keeps visitors coming back for more. We focused on providing an easy to use admin interface so the client could efficiently input new data and assign the relationships in the back-end system.

SEO Case Study

Structured data SEO approach helps increase traffic by 400%

When it comes to improving and driving consistently increasing traffic to a website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital. SEO can significantly improve a website’s traffic and help you gain a top ranking on popular search engines.

We have done extensive research on this topic and the likes of Google get their sources from various places. These range from your own site, for knowledge graphs that appear for brand searches/ events that you run, to official sources, such as sites like Wikipedia.

Increase in monthly visitors

We have made several improvements to the site which incorporated ‘structured data’. This is a door opener for Google to register some of a site’s content in a particular way. You can see this manifest in Google’s search results for things like item prices, record track listings, star ratings, etc. This is also much of what Google takes to fill its Knowledge Graph box from chosen sites that are not Google owned.

Over the course of 15 months, we were able to grow the website’s traffic over 400% (from around 6,000 monthly visits to over 25,000).

Our client was exceedingly happy with the results, making the site gain interest from the improvements we made.

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