Having worked closely within the Healthcare Sector, both public and private as well as within multi-national industry providers – our services have become both valued and trusted by our customers… Efficiency, cost saving, return on investment are all core considerations. With the ever increasing utility demand, we identified that by supporting our customers in their business energy usage there was generally a quick, easy and painless way to make often significant savings for them.

So if you are interested in managing your business energy costs and would like us to help you find a cost-effective deal, we are here to help you.

Our Reach

Our head office is in Reading Berkshire and we provide our brokerage services throughout the UK.

  • Our Mission
  • Your Independent Broker
  • How We Work
  • Our Mission


    Our Mission

    We want to save you time and money. We do this by sourcing the most competitive price from the best UK energy suppliers, whilst at the same time considering the service and contract. It is clear that with so many products and suppliers available, the market can be confusing and time-consuming to navigate. We are here to take the pain out of the switch for you.

    We abide by the rules governed by the TPI (Third Party Intermediary) Code of Practice. The TPI Code of Practice is a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPI’s acting as intermediaries between micro-business customers and suppliers: see www.tpicodeofpractice.co.uk.

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  • Your Independent Broker


    Independent Broker

    We will act as your independent broker and we will provide you with clear and impartial advice. We don’t have special arrangements with any business gas or electricity supplier, nor do we charge for this service as we will receive a commission from the energy supplier should you choose to switch with us.

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  • How We Work

    • The first thing we will need is for you to sign a LOA or Letter of Authority. This LOA enables us to act on your behalf in negotiations with the energy suppliers. The LOA will state clearly what you are giving us permission to negotiate on.
    • We will now be your key contact in all communications with your supplier and any third parties.
    • Next we will look at your existing energy contract, checking dates and tarifs.
    • We will then research the market to find better and more flexible deals with other cheaper suppliers.
    • We will liaise with you about deals and then set up a new contract.
    • We agree the terms of your new contract over the phone with the new energy supplier. These calls are recorded and stored by us as your broker and by the new energy supplier. We will send you a confirmation email of your contract agreement shortly after this call.
    • Once a new supplier and contract has been identified and agreed, we will reconcile your account with your existing supplier and manage the transfer of the contract to the new supplier.
    • Any queries and issues we will answer promptly and if there should be any complaints we’ll do our very best to sort these out without delay and to your satisfaction. It is very important to us that we maintain a good professional relationship with you.
    • We will be in touch from time to time, always keeping you informed of current trends in the market.
    • We will always be mindful of and act within accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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